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80′s Baby Name Book

Name book
I’ve collected name books since I was in junior high, which is slightly odd considering that up until last year I never wanted to have children.  Ever.
But now that I’m happily pregnant (8 months today), I decided to pull out my name book collection.
This is the book my parents used to choose my name (circa 1980).

Hand written name choices
The back of the book lists their top name choices.
And I am very grateful for not being a Doralynne or Cara-Mae :)

  • Rochelle New - Hi,
    I just found your blog via Nova ( and I had to stop and say hello because… well, we have the same name!!

    I really don’t know a lot of Rochelles. It’s not a very common name I guess. Maybe it was on the rise in the 80′s? Haha! I got my name because it’s a family name, and my Mom has always pronounced it “Richelle” because she’s from the south and has some twang to her vowels still.

    But anyways, sorry for the total randomness!ReplyCancel

    • cocomama - I love total randomness! So nice to meet another “Rochelle”! I think you’re maybe the second I’ve ever met? I have met a couple of Richelles and Rachelles, but I prefer the “o” (totally for unbiased reasons of course :).ReplyCancel

  • Sasha - Doralynne? Imagine what your life would have been like had you been named Doralynne!ReplyCancel

    • cocomama - So, so different. I’d probably be wearing scrunchies in my hair.ReplyCancel

  • leanne - does the top one say Arletta??? what the? wow. pretty cool keepsake though.

    I think you should just make it easy on yourself and go with the next name in the book. oh yes, i see you having a little Roderica…. ;)ReplyCancel

  • cocomama - It says “Arlette”. Even better.
    I think we’ve narrowed it down to Roderica or Rolanda.ReplyCancel

  • Tony - That is totally sick that you have a book your name was chosen from! Good photos to boot.ReplyCancel

    • cocomama - Thanks Tony! I’m super pumped to have the book as a nostalgic souvenir.ReplyCancel

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