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DNA My Dog

DNA My Dog results

Source (3 small photos): Jasalyn Thorne Photographers

We adopted Coco from the Burnaby SPCA 3 years ago after learning that her previous owners moved, abandoning her in the backyard hungry and alone (what is the matter with people!!??). Because she was never officially surrendered, the SPCA could only guess at her breed. They labeled her as a German Shepherd/Husky mix. We’ve always been curious about Coco’s true breed mix breakdown, so we ordered a swab kit online to test her DNA. The results?  A pure bred German Shepherd.  We were like “wha?? But she’s blonde!”  We then proceeded to Google “blonde German Shepherd” and sure enough, pages and pages of dogs that look strikingly similar to our blondie :)


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  • nova - That’s so cool! :) I bet she’s super smart.ReplyCancel

    • cocomama - I suspect she’d the most intelligent dog ever (that’s in my 100% completely non-biased opinion of course).ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Rooftops - Cool! I wonder if you can do that with cats – one of ours has some weird breed in him somewhere; he’s got a big long nose and looks like a puma.

    Our other cat was left in an empty house when her previous owners moved. I can’t get over how cruel some people can be.ReplyCancel

    • cocomama - Damn pet owners. I get so worked up about that stuff. I love that you saved her!ReplyCancel

  • Sadie - That is such an incredible story! I’m so glad that there’s people in the world like you to save dogs like Coco. She is beautiful!ReplyCancel

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