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Bookshelf: Never Cry Wolf

Never Cry Wolf

I’ve read quite a few books by Canadian author Farley Mowat.
Never Cry Wolf is by far my favorite.

This true story describes Farley Mowat’s journey north to investigate the mass slaughter of arctic caribou. The Canadian government is convinced that wolves are responsible for the killings and they are anxious for Farley Mowat to prove it. Not surprisingly, he learns that it’s human hunters, not wolves, who are the culprit.

I LOVED this book. It let me peek into the world of a big, bad predator and dispelled any stereotypes I had about wolves.  (Did you know even a healthy full-grown male wolf CANNOT outrun a baby caribou? That means wolves are absolutely limited to eating injured and sick caribou only. I had no idea).

The real highlight of the book was Farley’s daily interactions with a wolf pack. From wolves in love, to a territorial human/canine pissing contest, I have never been more humbled by the intelligence of the animal kingdom. My only recommendation is not to judge the book by the first chapter (it’s a bit slow, giving an overview of Farley’s biology background and describing his summons from the Canadian Wildlife Service). The rest of the book is gold. If you have even the slightest fascination of wildlife, this book will astound you. I promise.

  • Sarah - Rochelle, I never read the book, but I remember the film from Junior High. I totally loved it then. I think I even wrote a report on it?? Very cool look at living closely among wolves. Btw, your suggestions in the previous post are amazing – postcrossing?? so want to do that!! and banksy is an amazingly talented artist! so creative. i love it.ReplyCancel

    • cocomama - I didn’t know there was a film! Now I’m so curious to see it.
      I’m so happy you liked the links! I’m anxious to try the postcrossing too – so fun :)ReplyCancel

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