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Rochelle Garrison Cocomello

I am Rochelle (Garrison) Cocomello, a graphic designer and photographer who grew up in the Canadian Prairies. I did my college years in Victoria and Vancouver, where I met my husband and adopted an abandoned dog.  Now we’re living in his hometown of Montreal and are expecting a baby on May 15, 2012 had a beautiful baby boy May 9th, 2012.

This blog is where I document the pretty things that inspire my everyday – from photography to mama-hood.


5 Random Things

  • I eat peanut butter. Everyday.
  • I swear. A lot. Though not around my in-laws (shhh…)
  • I am addicted to paper. Books, magazines, stationery….I can always justify purchasing these things.
  • I’m embarrassed by loud talkers.
  • I love the sound of high-heels clicking on the sidewalk in the rain.


Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Rochelle Cocomello

  • Sasha - I love your website and your about section. You are my hero.ReplyCancel

  • Leanne - I can attest to the truth of #3! and #2….
    Love the blog Ro, it makes me happy to see your creativity and eye for design on a daily basis. :)ReplyCancel

    • cocomama - Leanne you just made my f___ing day (haha).ReplyCancel

  • ana {bluebirdkisses} - I used to live in Vancouver too, and Ottawa…and not Toronto to be near my parents :) Love that you eat peanut butter too. I don’t quite eat it every day…but at least 6 days a week.ReplyCancel

    • cocomama - We’re both true cross-country Canadians :)ReplyCancel

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