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Never Cry Wolf

I’ve read quite a few books by Canadian author Farley Mowat.
Never Cry Wolf is by far my favorite.

This true story describes Farley Mowat’s journey north to investigate the mass slaughter of arctic caribou. The Canadian government is convinced that wolves are responsible for the killings and they are anxious for Farley Mowat to prove it. Not surprisingly, he learns that it’s human hunters, not wolves, who are the culprit.

I LOVED this book. It let me peek into the world of a big, bad predator and dispelled any stereotypes I had about wolves.  (Did you know even a healthy full-grown male wolf CANNOT outrun a baby caribou? That means wolves are absolutely limited to eating injured and sick caribou only. I had no idea).

The real highlight of the book was Farley’s daily interactions with a wolf pack. From wolves in love, to a territorial human/canine pissing contest, I have never been more humbled by the intelligence of the animal kingdom. My only recommendation is not to judge the book by the first chapter (it’s a bit slow, giving an overview of Farley’s biology background and describing his summons from the Canadian Wildlife Service). The rest of the book is gold. If you have even the slightest fascination of wildlife, this book will astound you. I promise.

  • Sarah - Rochelle, I never read the book, but I remember the film from Junior High. I totally loved it then. I think I even wrote a report on it?? Very cool look at living closely among wolves. Btw, your suggestions in the previous post are amazing – postcrossing?? so want to do that!! and banksy is an amazingly talented artist! so creative. i love it.ReplyCancel

    • cocomama - I didn’t know there was a film! Now I’m so curious to see it.
      I’m so happy you liked the links! I’m anxious to try the postcrossing too – so fun :)ReplyCancel

I love when fellow bloggers like Nova and Bekuh publish link posts.  They offer a glimpse into what other people find entertaining and provide a distraction when you need a break from the everyday (who needs to shower or feed the dog when you can browse the internet for 11 and a half hours straight?).
So here is my contribution to the world of link posts. Hope you enjoy :)

Cover of Radiohead

  1. The best cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” I’ve ever heard. Ever.
  2. Stunning cinemagraphs.
  3. The Little Free Library.
  4. Mini masterpieces.  A nice alternative to messy fridge art.
  5. Postcrossing.  I really want to try this.
  6. The pet photographer I’d hire if I lived on the West Coast.
  7. Uber creative Facebook Timeline cover photos.
  8. Political, anonymous street art by “Banksy”.  I love his work.
  9. What’s in your make-up?  Type in the name of a cosmetic, find out its toxicity level.
  10. Clever pregnancy comebacks.  Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

Who doesn’t love Bob Ross?
And happy little trees?
Oh nostalgia. I remember spending sick days at home from school with this icon painter.

Etsy Day of the Week: Bob Ross
1. Happy Little Trees button by CuteAsAGeek, $1.75
2. Hand-painted Bob Ross baby bodysuit by daisylouise, $17.75
3. We Go Together like Bob Ross and Happy Little Trees letterpress card by shopsaplingpress, $4.50
4. Bob Ross finger puppet by abbeychristine, $17.00

  • Karen McNeil - I love these! The little card would be great framed in a nursery!!ReplyCancel

    • cocomama - Ooo framed print – good idea!ReplyCancel

Book text "...infants don
I am so glad I borrowed What to Expect the First Year from the library.
I’d return the book if I had bought it.

On page 43:
“…don’t buy everything in yellow or green, particularly since many infants don’t have the complexion to carry off these shades”.


Are they serious?
No need to concentrate on my baby’s physiological and psychological development, we’ve got a fashion crisis on our hands!
Hopefully I don’t ruin my child by dressing him/her in (gasp) GREEN.  The horror!
I’m shocked at the emphasis on something so superficial. The world will throw these values at my child soon enough. I can’t believe that a baby book would go there.

Needless to say, I put the book down after I’d read that line.
I don’t trust parenting advice from authors who possess such opposite values from my own.
It would be like seeking spiritual guidance from Entertainment Tonight.

  • nova - Hahahaha well you don’t want your newborn to look washed out in her glamour photos do you?ReplyCancel

    • cocomama - That’s my biggest fear Nova. My biggest fear.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Rooftops - What the…?! Are the elderly relatives going to reject your baby if s/he looks a bit washed out in buttercup?

    Actually, my grandmother was apparently horrified that my parents dressed me in bright yellow. She seemed to think it would do my gender identity some sort of lasting damage. Hmm…ReplyCancel

    • cocomama - I think it’s awesome that your parents dressed you in yellow. When my husband Gino was 15, his dad used to take him shopping to find a blouse for his wife. My father in-law figured his wife and son were roughly the same size so he’d insist that Gino try them on! Haha! Thankfully no lasting gender confusion damage done to my husband…he only wears the occasional blouse ;)ReplyCancel

  • Trixie - Double UUUGGGHHHH!
    Unconditional love is the best thing a baby can wear anyways…ReplyCancel

  • ana {Bluebirdkisses} - I’m so glad I’m not the only one who HATED this book! and the “what to expect when you’re expecting” I hated that one too. It was so ridiculous i didn’t know what to say.

    btw, thank you so much for stopping by the other day. I adore your blog!ReplyCancel

    • cocomama - It’s so true about “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” too! There’s a section that mentions something about how microwaving everything is safe.. yeah, ok.ReplyCancel

    • cocomama - Ps so fun to find your blog – it’s gorgeous and I love stumbling across a good Canadian blog :)ReplyCancel