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Garrison Insurance business card (before and after)

My dad designed his own business card in Word (augh!) and Word is to a designer what margarine is to a chef (but I’m impressed that you tried Pa!). So I gave the business card an overhaul.
I think all graphic designers are happy to re-do family members’ marketing collateral. Non-effective design that close to home makes us panic.

Crib bedding
Sometimes it still hits me like a frying pan in the face.
Even though my belly is large enough to prevent me from being able to see my business, it still hasn’t completely registered that in roughly 1 month, I will have a baby.
A real live baby.

  • nova - YOUR baby. You have to show it what the world is and how to live in it. Scary stuff! hahaReplyCancel

  • Kelsae - Heh, my baby is 2 months old and I STILL feel that way. Something along the lines of: “oh, holy shit, I’m TOTALLY responsible for your physical and mental well being. No pressure.”

    Try not to panic.ReplyCancel

  • Karen - Yup, know that feeling…. Kinda surreal.ReplyCancel

  • ana {bluebirdkisses} - yep…I am still surprised sometimes that I’m a mom. Sometimes I watch my son play and I’m just shocked that he is mine.ReplyCancel

This week I’m all about the leather.
And about accessories I can wear regardless of how pregnant I am.
I dream of the studded leather bracelets and lace clutch…ok not quite, but can I please have them? Thank you.

Etsy Day of the Week: Leather Love
1. Studded leather bracelets by mooreaseal, set of 3 – $50.00
2. Finger clutch in dark brown leather by permanentbaggage, $55.00
3. iPod Nano leather watchband by joevleather, $24.99
4. Auvenier burlap curved hobo bag by Iragrant, $125.00

I always hesitate doing baby photography.
I think it’s because I automatically picture children in ladybug costumes sleeping in plant pots and over-sized fabric daisies.
I’m not sure why my mind goes there exactly. Limited art exposure growing up in rural Alberta? Maybe.
But I’m trying to get over the fear of becoming Anne Geddes.  I don’t have to be that kind of photographer, right?

Last week I photographed my husband’s cousin’s 3 month old (got that?), the adorable Joseph.
Even though he ended up not being a happy camper for the majority of the shoot, I caught a few good moments.
I’m learning that baby photography can be precious without being tacky (I’m not Anne Geddes!! YEY!!).

Baby portrait

Baby portrait, black and white

Baby portrait, baby reaching to the camera

  • Renee - LOVE these images Rochelle! Can’t wait to see how you capture your own little peanut…ReplyCancel

  • Terri - Rochelle, you were amazing! Pregnant and all, you really did what you had to in order to capture great shots! I’m super happy with the pictures :)ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Rooftops - These are beautiful! Great job. :)ReplyCancel

  • Sasha - I love these photos! You really caught a little mischievous eye in the last one! Seriously, you have a tonne of talent.ReplyCancel