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I Love Fred Herzog

Fred Herzog was one of the first photographers to document Vancouver on colour slides in the 50s and 60s.
He’s a street photographer at his core and doesn’t believe that content can be manufactured. He focuses on the ordinary, the working class in their everyday moments and because of this I find his images to be refreshingly raw and authentic.
I so love his style.

But one of the real reasons I love Fred is because he’s just plain awesome.
He was one of our regular clients at the professional photography lab I used to work at in Vancouver.
He would come in on a dreary day and in his thick German accent, he’d ask you how you were doing.
And he’d really want to hear the answer.

Fred Herzog photos
Main Barber, 1968 - Equinox Gallery
Curtains, 1967 - Equinox Gallery

Fred Herzog photos - walking

Mom’s Shoes, 1969 - Equinox Gallery
Crossing Powell, 1984 - Equinox Gallery

Fred Herzog photos
Victoria, 1967 - Equinox Gallery
Two Boys, 1960 - Equinox Gallery

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