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Husband Plug

My husband Gino is a carpenter but has been working as an actor of the side for the last 15 years or so.
Due to his olive complexion (which I would die for), he gets type-cast often. This actually tends to work in his favour. Looking “ethnic” gets you all the cool roles. His resume of characters includes a Colombian warlord, Middle Eastern drug dealer, sleazy salesman, and Italian strip club owner. Fun! Who wants to play the bland guy-next door type when you can shoot guns at Cedric The Entertainer in The Cleaner or make under-the-table deals with Lois Lane on Smallville?
Here he plays a Mexican waiter.

p.s. My husband is probably mortified that I’m posting this. He’s all shy about his acting (even though he’s brilliant). But as his wife I get unrestricted bragging privileges right?

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