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Etsy Day of the Week: Bob Ross

Who doesn’t love Bob Ross? And happy little trees? Oh nostalgia. I remember spending sick days at home fromView full post »

Etsy Day of the Week: Leather Love

This week I’m all about the leather. And about accessories I can wear regardless of how pregnant I am. I dream ofView full post »

Esty Day of the Week: Not Hallmark

I’m generally not a card giver. Why spend $5 on a mediocre message that nobody actually reads just to have it endView full post »

Etsy Day of the Week: Neutral Baby

We don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl so I’ve been on the hunt for baby products notView full post »

Etsy Day of the Week: Book-ish

I love Etsy. I spend way too much time browsing through all of the handmade goodness. So I thought I’d start aView full post »