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Elika Mae Cocomello

Fast and Furious (Birth Story Number 2)

This is my long overdue birth story number 2! Prelude (WARNING: I talk about my vagina here, so if you’reView full post »

Dear Environment, I'm Sorry

Dear Environment, I’m Sorry

I had good intentions. I really did. I spent $200 on the cutest cloth diaper set. Organic cotton inserts, washer andView full post »

17 hours (a birth story)

17 Hours (A Birth Story)

I’m SO happy to return to blogging after a 2 month postpartum hiatus. I missed you bloggy blog! To mark my returnView full post »

Pregnancy Comments Said Directly to My Face

“Are you having triplets?”  – a random man in Chapters about my father’s age trying to beView full post »

The Book that Made Me Cringe

I am so glad I borrowed What to Expect the First Year from the library. I’d return the book if I had boughtView full post »

iPhone-ography: Holy Shit, I’m Having a Baby

Sometimes it still hits me like a frying pan in the face. Even though my belly is large enough to prevent me from beingView full post »

Etsy Day of the Week: Neutral Baby

We don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl so I’ve been on the hunt for baby products notView full post »

80′s Baby Name Book

I’ve collected name books since I was in junior high, which is slightly odd considering that up until last year IView full post »

Baby to Be

We’re having a baby.  Our first.  ETA May 15, 2012. After posting this photo on Facebook, someone asked why weView full post »